Nyambene Road

Broadband Communications limited commissioned PLENG LIMITED to conduct a feasibility study, a detailed Engineering design for all civil works for Nyambene Road.

Nyambene Road and other Civil works

Four Ways Junction

Construction off the following facilities-townhouse, apartments, 3 Star hotel, community club, sewer treatment plant and nursery school.

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The project Involved the design and development of Structural Designs as well as supervision of the whole construction project.

Nyarongi bridge Construction

PLENG limited was contracted to come up with Structural Designs and the ESIA of Nyarongi bridge and approach roads in Migori county

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Kenya police Sacco offices

With a desire for expansion and the need for modern office space to serve all members efficiently, The Kenya Police staff Sacco Society commissioned PLENG limited, AAKI consults, Architects and Urban designers to come up with an innovative and creative office building along Ngara.


Design Specifications

The Kenya Police staff Sacco Society headquarters is one of the tallest buildings in Ngara area (Towering at 8 floors).The design and construction applies at its best Innovative Modern Architectural Designs coupled together with Industries best practices in Building and construction. With careful spatial design to obtain optimal utility of space, the building adopts two wings on either side of a centralized service core. This was a strategic design intervention measure to ensure flexibility, in that an entire floor can be exclusively occupied by a single client or can be partitioned into smaller units with minimal circulation areas thus dedicating more space for offices.

Athi power Plant

This involved structural Design and Supervision of the design of a modern class power plant which is located Athi River. PLENG limited was commissioned by Triumph Power Generating Co. Ltd to supervise the whole project.

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Nyali Apartments

The project is located along 5th Avenue, off- Mahesh Doshi Road, Nyali and sits on 0.2HA (0.4A) piece of land. It consists 28 units spread over 7 storey of 3 and 2 bedroom apartments for sale while the ground floor accommodates 53 number car parking spaces.A typical floor consists of four apartment units, three 3-bedroom apartments and one 2-bedroom apartment, giving a total of 28 apartment units.

Wendy House

This is a modern class residential housing scheme, which is located in Karen, Nairobi. PLENG limited was commissioned by Wendy House Karen to design and supervise the whole construction project. The projects is ongoing, we have incorporated best practices in Building and Construction to come up with a suitable and cost effective solution for our client.

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